Thursday, March 7, 2013

Netscreen VPN Client on Windows 7

The Netscreen VPN Client would give an error when installed on Windows 7, and after the install is completed with errors, the icon is disabled. The Juniper website itself says that the Client is no longer supported for Windows OS versions after Windows XP. Found the following workaround on another blog.

1. Stop the Volume Shadow Copy service (VSS) (which prompt an error message when I tried to install the client)
2. Install Juniper Client and ignore the error messages about the virtual adapter
3. Restart the PC
4. If Microsoft IKE and IPSec services are running, stop them
5. Import your Security Policy
6. Startup the Service SafeNet IKE Service
7. Connect to your network

As per another blog: The only downside is that this doesn't resolve the issue with the safenet adapter not installing, so that means DNS will not function once connected to your VPN. You must access network resources using ip addresses. Also, you will need to start the Safenet IKE service after each reboot. I suggest that you should create a .bat file with the following cmd:

net start IreIKE

This is best for my needs since I only need my VPN access for remote desktop connections and not anything that relies on DNS. If you need DNS with your VPN activities I suggest installing a Win XP virtual machine to access your VPN.

I have not found anyone confirming if this works on Windows 7 64 bit, so i would say this applies to 32 bit machines only. Kindly update if anyone does have a working Netscreen client in 64 bit environment.