Monday, June 6, 2011

There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and couldnot be repaired.

Ok, firstly to all those who have reached this link frustrated and fuming hoping for a solution, sorry to disappoint, but i dont have a pin point, sure shot solution. But Wait, i can still help you all solve this, the way i did. Let me explain what the problem was
The user had scanned a few files in pdf, but whenever he send it through Outlook ( not sure about the version, but may be 2003 ), the receiver would get the error mentioned in title. This also happened whenever the user received a pdf through outlook. Heres what i tried

1. Uninstalled Adobe pdf and installed the latest version - didnt work.
2. Installed a different pdf viewer ( foxit and digisigner ) - didnt work.
3. Send the same pdf file through google mail - opened fine.
4. Changed the Mail format from HTML to plain text/ Rich Text - Didnt work.

I would also recommend updating the Microsoft Office version to the latest.
For me, the problem somehow solved itself, although a few scan files still showed corrupted when sent. The problem was confirmed as solved, after i scanned a document and send to another user who was able to open it normally. Also the problem of corrupted pdf when receiving was also solved. It is also possible that only certain files scanned at a particular time got corrupted which made the user think it was a larger issue.

Hope this helps !!!