Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Epson Lq 680 prints junk

One of our clients has the epson Lq 680 printer with print server ( making the parallel printer network printer ) attached. The problem is, theres no print command given but the "printer keeps printing junk papers with useless characters."
The printer has some junk in its memory, so we now have to remove or wipe its memory. The solution is

Turn off the power to print server and remove it, remove the cable connecting printer and power supply. Now turn on/off the power switch on wall/extension/spike ( power cable is connected to the power source but not the printer ). Do this 5-6 times for 5 secs each, this should clear the memory. Now connect the printer cable to the printer and turn on the power switch ( junk prints should stop ), connect the print server to the printer and power it up. The printer should now be working normally. If the problem persists after connecting the print server, the problem is in print server.