Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Printer status offline

Suddenly for whatever reason if your printer status shows offline. The very first step is to right click it and click on "Use Printer Online". If that doesn't work, i would suggest to quit trying to troubleshoot it and just reinstall the printer drivers. Thats faster, easier and mostly works fine.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable

This one just in. Received an External Hard disk. Once detected and after we try to access ( double click ) the hard disk, it gives the following error "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable". As the error suggests, it is due to corrupted hard disk. Now to fix this, follow these steps.
Start -> command prompt-> type chkdsk /f L: ( "chkdsk" is Check Disk, "/f" represents fixing errors, "L" is the drive letter). This should run a 3 stage error repairing and finally the drive should open.

Easy Fix :)

Paragraph symbol in Outlook new message/ reply

One of our clients had this problem while he was trying to reply to an email in outlook 2007. He got this paragraph symbol. Heres the steps to hide it ( this is as per office 2010, but options are similar for 2007 )
Click on New Message -> File -> Options -> Mail ( on the left ) -> Editor Options -> Display ( on the left ) -> uncheck the option "Paragraph marks"

picture as in Outlook 2007

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yellow Exclamation Mark on DVD/CD-Rom in Device Manager

You insert a CD, wait for it to load, Nothing.
You click on My Computer, the CD Rom drive cannot be seen.
You check Device manager, it shows a Yellow exclamation mark on DVD/CD-Rom.

Welcome to the page, where you'll find the solution. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the CD Rom drivers, didnt work. Opened the Casing, tightened the wires, didnt work. Finally got the solution. Here's the steps

Click Start-> Run -> type regedit and enter. Go to the following Key->

In this, delete the keys 1. Value name : LowerFilters 2. Value name: UpperFilters. ( If you see only one of these values, delete it )
Exit the Registry, Reboot the Machine and find your DVD/CD-Rom Drive ready to use.
For Vista, Microsoft has released the following fix

Keep Visiting and Do Follow :) 

Blue Screen of Death Windrvnt.sys

In Most cases, this is an issue with the software FOLDER LOCK.
I have been using Folder Lock for almost a year now. Suddenly yesterday night for some unknown reason ( mostly conflicting software or drivers ) after i logged in to my Laptop, i got this feared and dreaded BSOD ( Blue screen of Death ), with the file name "Windrvnt.sys". This file belongs to Folder Lock. Heres the solution.
1. Boot in Safe mode ( Press F8 at startup and select Safe Mode ) and uninstall this software ( As a precaution,  Before uninstall i would recommend that you login to the software and unlock the locked files). It will ask you for a password you must have specified during installation. Enter that, and uninstall the software. And donot worry as the files that were locked will be released and visible in the folder, and wont be lost or deleted. If you have forgotten the password, try uninstalling from "Add/Remove Programs"
2. If you donot want to uninstall the program for whatever reason, just rename the file "windrvnt.sys" to "windrvnt.old or windrvntsys.old". This will stop the BSOD, but whenever Folder Lock is accessed the Blue Screen will appear.

If anyone has more insight on this, Do comment !!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Message to benefit U and ME

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Monday, June 6, 2011

There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and couldnot be repaired.

Ok, firstly to all those who have reached this link frustrated and fuming hoping for a solution, sorry to disappoint, but i dont have a pin point, sure shot solution. But Wait, i can still help you all solve this, the way i did. Let me explain what the problem was
The user had scanned a few files in pdf, but whenever he send it through Outlook ( not sure about the version, but may be 2003 ), the receiver would get the error mentioned in title. This also happened whenever the user received a pdf through outlook. Heres what i tried

1. Uninstalled Adobe pdf and installed the latest version - didnt work.
2. Installed a different pdf viewer ( foxit and digisigner ) - didnt work.
3. Send the same pdf file through google mail - opened fine.
4. Changed the Mail format from HTML to plain text/ Rich Text - Didnt work.

I would also recommend updating the Microsoft Office version to the latest.
For me, the problem somehow solved itself, although a few scan files still showed corrupted when sent. The problem was confirmed as solved, after i scanned a document and send to another user who was able to open it normally. Also the problem of corrupted pdf when receiving was also solved. It is also possible that only certain files scanned at a particular time got corrupted which made the user think it was a larger issue.

Hope this helps !!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Epson Lq 680 prints junk

One of our clients has the epson Lq 680 printer with print server ( making the parallel printer network printer ) attached. The problem is, theres no print command given but the "printer keeps printing junk papers with useless characters."
The printer has some junk in its memory, so we now have to remove or wipe its memory. The solution is

Turn off the power to print server and remove it, remove the cable connecting printer and power supply. Now turn on/off the power switch on wall/extension/spike ( power cable is connected to the power source but not the printer ). Do this 5-6 times for 5 secs each, this should clear the memory. Now connect the printer cable to the printer and turn on the power switch ( junk prints should stop ), connect the print server to the printer and power it up. The printer should now be working normally. If the problem persists after connecting the print server, the problem is in print server.