Sunday, January 9, 2011

Intel G41WV Motherboard Beeps

The one curious thing about this intel motherboard is that, it starts with 1 beep, then the bios page shows up, and then another 1 beep, then the windows loads. Would just like to inform everyone that its nothing to worry about, its just the way this MOBO works. So Chillax guyz... Also it supports DDR3 Ram. Has 2 pci slots and 1 pci express slot.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Exchange 2007 and outlook 2007 through VPN

While setting up a new machine in the network, everything work fine, till i used the vpn. When opening outlook through vpn, it started with a password prompt, then giving an error regarding certificate, pressing ok, it would give 2 other certificate prompts, wont call it errors thought. And all worked fine. But the password prompt, and error of certificate, had to be removed. The solution was to remove the outlook profile, manually configure the users outlook profile without auto discovery. This solved the problem.

Friday, January 7, 2011

ASUS EEEPC 900 XP Drivers

An aquaintance of mine has given me this laptop to format. It has 900 Mhz intel celeron processor, 2 gb ram and 15 Gb HD and 3Gb SSD. I have installed Win XP professional on it. Frankly i didnt try the ASUS website, because on searching for ASUS eeepc xp drivers i was sent to a link, which had drivers that were tried and tested. So i installed them, and they seem to work fine. Sharing the link here



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